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What to do if you can't upgrade or connect to Oasis Mini

We're always working to improve the stability and ease of use of Oasis Mini. The firmware is consistently being improved, and your Oasis Mini may arrive with out-of-date firmware. For most users, the firmware is easily updated through the app, but some users may have trouble connecting to a new device or with the firmware upgrade process. We've made a tool to help those of you who fall into this bucket. 

USB Firmware Upgrade Process

  1. Connect Oasis Mini to your computer using the cable that arrived with your unit
  2. Navigate to the following website:
  3. Download and install the appropriate driver for your device from the software upgrade page. This is a USB driver that allows your computer to communicate with Oasis Mini 
  4. Hit "UPGRADE" on the website

You may be asked to choose from a dropdown list like the one pictured below. Choose the device with "Serial" in the name. 


You'll know the upgrade is complete when the output says "Done" as shown below. 


When the upgrade finishes, disconnect the cable from your computer, and plug your Oasis Mini into a wall outlet using the power brick that was provided. Re-attempt to connect to the device. 

After following these steps, we hope you have an easy and stable connection with Oasis Mini. If you're still having trouble connecting after following these steps, please create a ticket and our support staff will be happy to help you. You can submit a ticket using this link. 

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  • I ran the update and still am unable to connect to the machine. I removed the machine from the app, deleted the app, reinstalled the app and tried again and nothing will show up. 


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